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My ideas about reworking Akali

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Hello people,

since Akali got nerfed so many times so hard during the last patches, its no more fun to keep playing her after 1k ranked games (S3 + S4). I was a real fan for her, but actually she is dead for me. She is an old champ and I guess she could need a rework as well. So here are my ideas. It will involve AD-Akali as well!

Its mostly building up on her Q, Mark of the assassin. First, the trigger-damage should be increased by BONUS-AD. I guess something like 100% should be fine. No need to nerdrage, its bonus-AD, not the whole AD.

Now comes the tricky part. You can trigger the Q in 4 different ways:

Triggering the Q with a AA deals the normal trigger-damage (45/70/95/120/145 (+50% Ability Power + 100% Bonus Attack Damage)

Triggering the Q with another Q deals 20% of the trigger-damage + 100% of the initial-damage, also silence/immobilize/stun the enemy by 0,2 seconds per rank or 0,5 seconds at all ranks. Why? Its nearly impossible to land a good gank having a Akali on the lane. All she can do is just walking straight to the enemy and... yeah. Thats it. While most champs have any kind of GC. Some CC would give some gank potential even if the jungle dont have that much CC.

Triggering the Q with E (yes, it should be enabled again!) consumes the mark and deal 33% damage to the target and 66% damage are splittet up between the victims of crescent slash. Also her next auto attack deals 40%/80%/120%/160%/200% more damage as magic damage to the previously marked target. He got a debuff called 'Marked to Death' for 3 seconds or until the next auto attack it reaches him from Akali.

Triggering the Q with the ultimate (yepp, the ultimate) deals 50% of the Trigger-Damage and reduce the cooldown of one Shadow Essence (read until the end!) to 3/2,5/2 (decresed by ultimate level) seconds which is needed to use the ultimate again. Sounds hard, yes, but wait. There is a idea for the ultimate as well.

E sounds for me pretty cool, but it could take some kind of Mordekaisers Q which means it deals additional damage when there is just one enemy around. I think +33% damage should be fine.

To the ultimate: My guess is to make the ultimate to some kind of skillshot, like Aatrox' Q you have to select the landing zone, the animationtime should be the same as now. Another change is: While dashing she should get untargetable. While dashing through units/champs they get some damage as well. 33% for those which you are dashing through, 100% on the 'landing zone', but just the zone you choose triggers the mark. Also new: You just got one (!) shadow essence to dash. Yes, you can get those dash-tokens without killing and stuff, but 3 seconds cooldown on low rank should be more than enough to escape and get safe, no?

Hope you enjoyed it to read the WoT, the idea I got last night while thinking about the unsatisfied sitaution about Akali's actual place in the league. With so many possibles to play, it is maybe some more fun to pick and play her. So many possibilities which require more 'skill'.

-First thoughts of a former Akali main