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[Champion Suggestion] Kain, The First Forgotten Emperor

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Hello folks. I have been brainstorming lately and stumbled upon this great idea for a champion on League of Legends. I decided to make a thread out of it and hear out the community for their feedback. Any feedback or criticism is welcome and helps me to improve. This is my first champion suggestion so don't go too wild on me. I will post no numbers or anything as I would rather let other people decide on that. So here I go!


“I passed down my legacy and watched quietly and bored over this world I conquered a thousand years ago. Watching how all of my warnings slowly came to reality, how all the pieces of the puzzle would fall on their place, how humanity would show the same foolishness over and over again.
I warned you, my friend, I warned you about the betrayal that would take you down, about the betrayal that would free the darkness inside of you that would endanger your bloodline, yet, your kindness and hope led Shurima to it's ravage. Now, you, who are the last of us to reach ascension, with this new power, with the knowledge of this new world, what will you do?
In the end, there is but one thing to do - We are the watchers of this world no more! We have finally fulfilled our promise! We have ascended! We shall awaken and now... we shall bring back the storm of the old era and once again, bring balance to this world!"

For those who know the tale of the old legend of the emperor of death, Kain is said to be the first of the "forgotten kings" to ascend. It is said that while he was the one true king in every sense of the world, a genius who would make his enemies kneel before him with the use of his knowledge before they could even start a war, just like a god. It is said that he disappeared from this world out of nowhere, leaving in his throne room a hundred black feathers and a mountain of bodies who were said to be enemies of the king, reason that gave him his title. Some say that his bloodline lives on and there are those who try to use his power even now, such as Syndra and more.

There is however another side of this legend, a story about a young king who lost his kingdom before his very eyes, a king whose own pain and wrath brought him his ascension, an ascension that took the life of an entire kingdom in order to grant Kain his revenge and let him obliterate the people kingdom who dared to betray him. It is said that billions of black feathers bathed in a blue flame (the sign of an omen) were falling from the sky that day and Kain was found sitting on top of a mountain of bodies of every single soul from that kingdom as sitting on a throne. The godlike power of his was something that his new kingdom has never seen or even knew it existed, reason why -they- tried to betray and kill Kain in his throne room. The strongest knights of his kingdom, said to have conquered kingdoms and the entire world for him and then attempted to get rid of Kain. The pile of bodies that was left in the throne room when Kain disappeared were not his enemies, they were the knights who dared to betray their king, all killed in a blink of an eye.


Role: Mage/Support
Attack: 5/10
Defense: 4/10
Spells: 7/10
Difficulty: 9/10


The mana bar is replaced with a rage bar.
  • This champion is meant to be a mage/assassin able to be played as a mid laner and support.
  • The base AP and AP per level for this champion has to be low
  • The rage bar of this champion will add a stack to the bar with each auto-attack reaching 20 stacks (1 stack per basic attack 2 per crit hit)
  • The rage bar can be activated only when it's full and only by the second stage/cast of the skill (will be explained in each skill in detail)
  • The rage bar is consumed by the time and not the skills once it was activated.
  • During the consumption time, the bar cannot gain more stacks.
  • During the consumption time, all the skills receive their second stage/cast.
  • The second cast of a skill can only be executed as a follow-up of the skill that has been activated. (like Riven’s Q and Thresh’s Q)


Basic attack: Like Thresh, the champion has two different basic attack animations:
  • For short range he creates a sword in which he attacks with and the sword breaks half-way the attack.
  • For long range he snaps his fingers, creating a floating sword that is sent flying towards the target.

Passive - "The blood of a god" The damage depends on the health percentage of Kain
  • 80% or less, the champion gains 10% increased AP
  • 60% or less, the champion gains 20% increased AP
  • 40% or less, the champion gains 30% increased AP and 10% increased AD and 5% increased Spell Vamp and Life steal
  • 20% or less, the champion gains 40% increased AP and 20% increased AD and 10% increased Spell Vamp and Life steal

[Q] - "Cursed blades" The champion summons 4 swords above him throwing the swords towards a target, piercing everything they hit in their way. The attack deals AP damage per sword.

- Visually, this attack would start from 4 different points, as an AOE, closing in the further it goes, joining in a single point. ( like Heimerdinger’s rockets and Syndra’s Ulti)

Second cast (if rage bar is activated) - Can be activated as a combo ONLY when "Cursed Blades" was used: A ghost would appear, grab the swords exactly where the attach ends and throwing a small AOE slow for 1.5 seconds while throwing the blades in four random directions.

[W] - "Dimensional walk" The champion would turn into a blue smoke, dashing to an area becoming invulnerable while dashing for 0.5 seconds for any kind of basic attack or ability except AoE spells.

Second cast (if rage bar is activated)-Can be activated as a combo ONLY when "Dimensional walk" was used: If Dimensional Walk was used to transport you to an enemy he deals a very small AoE fear of 0.5 seconds.

[E] - "Storm of blades" The champion would create a small storm of blades 360* around him that would stun the enemies that they hit for 0.5 seconds.

- The blades do not offer an no blind spot hit, they will not appear exactly near the champion, but leave enough space inside the storm that will allow champions to hit you. In short, there will be a enough space between Kain and the storm for the enemy champion to hit Kain.

Second cast (if rage bar is activated)-Can be activated as a combo ONLY when "Storm of blades" was used:You will create a shockwave similar to Janna's ult, smaller in range , throwing the enemies from the eye of the storm in the blades, getting them stunned for 0.5 more seconds if they hit the storm.

[R] - "True power" The champion would perform a 360* rotation, revealing a wing that would block/negate any kind of projectile or AoE skill(s) that get in the range of this ult for 0.5 seconds (immediate vicinity - actually hit the champion, as the ulti has no actual range, example; Sivir’s shield).

Normal HP: Second cast (if rage bar is activated)-Can be activated as a combo ONLY when "True power" was used: The champion would create a shockwave, dealing AoE AP damage, silencing all nearby champions for 0.5 seconds.

Under 60% HP: Second cast (if rage bar is activated)-Can be activated as a combo ONLY when "True power" was used: A ghost holding a scythe would appear dealing a 360* AoE damage, then disappear.

Under 20% HP, this skill would deal true damage.

If this skill successfully stopped a skill while under 40% HP, you will gain an AoE buff, that would slow and reduce damage for all enemies.

The effect of the aura will disappear once the champion dies, his HP goes back over 40% or after 10 seconds.

Concept Art

This is how I imagine Kain to look like:
The drawing was done in a hurry due to lack of time, but it should offer the general idea.