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League of Bans

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dm entity

Junior Member


It seems that League has a lot in common with bad school system recently.

I keep getting chat bans, and even tho I agree I can say toxic things, its almost never unprovoked. I know that someone will say its best to keep your mouth shut, but its kinda hard when someone goes 0-17, or flames everyone else, or you get in team with 4 premade retards that dont speak English language, spam stuff in their gibberish linguo and collectively report you for lost game even tho you are the only one with positive score while their best has 3x more deaths than kills.

What is pissing me off about this system is its fairly favoring bullies and retards (not like better words can describe League community, myself included). Now saying "Can you play safer" is usually replied "OMG stop flame" and giving advises like "Dont go into unwarded jungle" and "Ward drag" will give you Verbal abuse report, it all begins to look like Tumblr and we just need girl with thick glasses rims throwing oppression charges. Now I think that if someone calls you an useless retard, idiot etc. in game, its quite appropriate to suggest most effective suicide method to that person. But I guess Rito prefers to punish both students no matter whose fault it is anyway...