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Does chat/ranked restriction stack or are they pending?

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I get chatrestriction 10 games right, then I play a game flames like bronze v Shasa, gets 20 more. When I relog will it stay 29 games chat restriction or will it wait untill i complete my 10 games and then the next day "500 chat restriction games" I am 1 game away from my ranked restriction

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That's not even the half of how stupid this restriction system is. It works like so
Did this player get a report? Yes? go down. No? stop

How many reports has this player had since they started playing? 10 or less? do nothing, else go down

Give a chat ban number of reports with a reportx10

THEN once you've got a chat ban it goes like this

For every time the player loses gives 10xgames lost chatban after restriction is lifted

I got a 50 games chat restriction, ok so I mute all teammates so I dont end up ina flame war nice okay, but we lost a lot of games cause comunication was via pings only.

Now 50 games later I'm on 900!!! restrictions, no wonder riot sold out to a chinese search engine