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Please do something about Sweetheart Annie

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Frostfire Annie

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[X-post from the other froum becasue i dont know where to properly post it]

I recently bought Annie's newest skin "Sweetheart Annie", and i was dissapointed not more was done with it. First of all, i really like the consept, but I felt like it could have been so much better if the animators had put some more work into it. compared to the other annie skins this is almost of the same level as Prom Queen Annie or Reverse Annie. it is a re-skin. Im sad this skin was not on the level of for example Panda annie or Frostfire annie, where the flames have different colores. They havent changed the shade of the flames. The flame effects in Panda Annie is epic. the small change to the flames are really cool, and i have no clue why Riot didnt do something similar with this skin. Just adding some pink-ish flames or hearts when she uses Tibbers/Molten shield, this skin would be at the same level as the other heartseeker skins. (I know its not a heartseeker skin but still..)
I know this skin was only 750, but it could easily been a 950 skin. People ive played with have asked me about this skin, and if it had new particles, and they have been dissapointed when i have told them there was nothing new about this skin. I do hope it is possible to just change the colors on her flames a bit, increase the skin price if you must, but currently this skin is a bit "boring". :3

Btw, Sweethearts Annie's Molten shield looks a bit odd. it looks a bit poorly animated from time to time. It has straight edges, making it a bit werid.

Picture examples of werid Molten shield [E]

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bud look the cheap price, cheap price cheap Skin same for the Marauders.