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Opposites Attract: A ViXJinx fanfiction o3o

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Greetings! ^^

Inspired by Suqling's art (http://suqling.tumblr.com/post/74377181085/tzumi-and-i-are-fans-of-the-jinx-vi-ship-will)and seeing that it was Valentine's day, I decided to write a little love story centered around Jinx and Vi. But the short story turned into some really long so I decided to split it into 8 parts instead ^^". I guess will slowly post the all over the course of days if the story generates some interest ^^

I have tried my best to not deviate from the character backgrounds too much and set it around the time after Vi broke off with her old gang and before she started targeting other criminals and joined up with Caitlyn. The setting is Zaun.

I may have taken a few liberties with the story itself and the story itself is probably bad =3= I like to call the story "Opposites Attract" and I hope you find it entertaining ^^ Of course, any criticism, comments and thoughts are more than welcome!

P.S: I am probably colour-blind XD

Now here's the first part:


Opposites Attract


"And Irelia's down! Singed and Warwick have done it! That's an ACE! The Ionian Summoners are calling for a vote! And it's unaninomous! Ionia surrenders! Zaun wins! Despite the upsetting start, this unstoppable duo has performed a miracle! ZAUN WINS!"

The Vaskervon Coliseum erupted into a deafening cheer; whistles and hoots amidst the triumphant applause. The Zaunite spectators congratulated themselves as if they were single-handedly responsible for the outcome of the match. On the large screen above, Warwick raised his head to howl victoriously while Singed sadistically stomped the unconscious Irelia with his boot.

The violet-haired woman, sitting by herself at the bar, was the only one who did not join the celebrations. She twirled the empty glass in her hand and sighed. For the past few days, she had heard of nothing else but the match between the two city-states and the optimistic speculations of how the Zaunites would decimate "those peaceniks". But it had nothing to do with her. Zaun, Ionia, Demacia, Noxus and even her own hometown of Piltover. None of them mattered. In fact, for the past few weeks, very little had mattered to her. Unlike those that surrounded her, she had only come to the Coliseum for the liquor. And even that tasted rancid and foul.

"Reload!" She yelled, slamming her bandaged fist on the bar.

"Drowning your sorrows in drinks, missus?" The bartender chuckled as he began refilling her glass with more of the gut-wrenching drink that the Zaunites seemed to enjoy.

"What's it to you?" The woman grunted and emptied her glass in a single gulp.

"Was just wondering how you were going to pay for all the drinks you've had." The bartender grinned. "You don't look particularly loaded or anything."

"That's my business. Not yours." The woman retorted.

"But of course it is, missus! I am not running a charity here and, forgive me, if I seem a bit concerned about my livelihood."

The woman reached inside her jacket and tossed a small gold nugget at the bartender.

"That should cover my tab and then some." She said. "Now get me another bottle before I decide I'm pissed off and mistake your face for a punching bag."

The bartender, euphoric at his windfall, scampered away to do as he was told. But the little transaction had attracted a bit of unwanted attention. A few men, dressed in matching white outfits and uncouthly intentions, surrounded the woman. She sighed and combed her violet hair with her fingers as she turned to face them.

"Never seen you around here, missy. And we tend to know everyone who's anyone here." A green-eyed hooligan, who looked like the leader of the bunch, muttered as he stood in front of her. "But you don't seem as skint as you look... And I don't think we like that. Do we, boys?"

"No! No!" His boys agreed like a pre-rehearsed chorus.

"Look at her clothes. Don't she looks like she's from Piltover?” One of them piped up. “That ****-pile of a city?"

"She does! She does!"

The woman cracked her knuckles. Her control over that famous temper of hers was slowly beginning to slip. If these punks wanted a brawl, she would give it to them. She had never been one to back down from a fight.

"The only ones worse than the peaceniks, are the Piltovian filth." Green Eyes spat. "You don't belong here, scum. And I suggest you empty your pockets and-"

Green Eyes twitched violently and frothed from the corners of his mouth. Not finishing his sentence, he collapsed on the ground. The back of his shirt was smoking and had been burnt off, displaying his freshly seared skin.

"Wanna join him?"

A young girl in her teens, holding what appeared to be a pistol, eyed Green Eyes' boys. She was pale and thin with long raven hair cascading down all the way to the back of her legs. The most striking feature of hers, however, was probably her smile; dangerous and full of mischief.


Her pistol crackled with sparks as she pointed it at them. The thugs dressed in white quickly carried their leader and ran as fast as their legs would take them. The girl chuckled as she spun her pistol with her index finger and holstered it into her belt. She turned to the lone woman with a large grin and struck a pose, flexing muscles that she did not have. The lone woman stared at the girl for a second, shrugged and then turned back to finish her drink when the bartender brought her another bottle.

"I thank thee, fair maiden, for I had found myself in quite a predicament! Oh! It was but an unperplexing errand and my immense delight to aid a damsel in distress! It is for that very purpose that I and my faithful squire, Zapper, roam these lands. How could I ever repay thee, my daring heroine? I would offer my chastity to thee but perhaps I should begin by offering thee a drink? It would be my great honour, damsel! I never turn down a drink from one as beguiling as thee! And perhaps we shall converse on thine other offer once our bellies are full of mead!"

After enacting a monologue that was supposed to be a dialogue between the two of them, the girl jumped onto the empty seat next to the violet-haired woman and goggled at her; her elbows resting on the bar table, her head in the palms of her hands and the corner of her lips turned upwards in an amused simper.

"You want something?" The woman asked the girl.

"How about you start with that drink you promised me?"

"What- I never... Ughh. Fine." The woman handed her bottle to the strange girl. "Happy now?"

"It's a start." The girl smiled as she took the drink and gawked at the tattoo on the woman's cheek. "Six, is it? That's what you’re called? Six?"

"It's not six." The woman replied, a bit annoyed. "It's Vi. V-I. Vi."

"Ooookayyyy, V-I Vi!" The girl chuckled. "I bet you want to know my name too-"

"No. Not really."

"-but unfortunately, I got none. But the people here have given me a nickname of a sort. They call me-"

"I don't care."

"Jinx! It's weird right? You know why they call me that? It's because-"

"I don't wanna know."

"-they say running into me is worse than breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder! I am bad luck, baby! Better watch out!"

Vi sighed and rubbed her eyes.

"Listen, Jinx was it? Look. I'm really happy you stepped in for me back there and all. But let's not make a big deal out of this, alright?" Vi said. "I just want to get back to my drink and it would be really nice if you could get back to wherever you came from."

"So uptight!" Jinx said, clinging on to Vi's arm. "Loosen up and live a little!"

Normally, Vi would have knocked the lights out of the skinny brat by now. But she was tired and the alcohol was beginning to hammer her brains into mush.

"Look. I think I'm gonna go. My head feels like it got hit by a truck and I am sleepy as hell." Vi said standing up. "So... Thank you and stuff. And bye."

Vi began walking away from the bar, staggering a little. Her stomach felt queasy. And with each step she took, she regretted coming to the Vaskervon Coliseum more.

"Will I see you again, Vi?" Jinx shouted, waving as she did.

"God... I hope not." Vi muttered to herself as she drunkenly staggered away.

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Zaun Gray. That's what they called the sky in Zaun. It was a ceiling of smog and smoke above the cityscape that shrouded the city in an eternal gloom. To gaze upon it was to stare into the heart of despair. Though there were many who would have you believe that it was progress instead.

Vi looked at the sky and then turned to her wrist to check the time. She cursed. She had either forgotten her wristwatch or it had been stolen. Knowing Zaun, Vi suspected the latter. She felt the inside pocket of her jacket. Her fingers were greeted by the spoils of her last heist: a small pile of gold nuggets; cold and metallic to the touch and worth a small fortune.

"At least, that's still there."

The more she stayed in the city, the more Vi wondered why she had even bothered coming here. She had lived in the slums of Piltover all her life. And even that wretched deathtrap was better than the garbage that called itself Zaun. The air was humid and toxic. Industrial sludge had replaced the waters in the rivers and streams. And the innate, primal savagery of Zaun and its denizens was barely masked by “civilization”.

"How do people even live in this dump?" Vi thought aloud.

But there were some qualities to this city that she liked. People minded their own business. And nobody asked questions when she tossed obviously illegal gold nuggets to pay for her purchases; unlike in goody-two-shoes Piltover where such an act would have brought down the entire pig department down on her head.

Lost in thought, her aimless wandering brought her before stairs that led downwards towards a junkyard. She paused and peered from atop the stairs at the refuse of Zaun. Filth and waste as far as her eyes could see. But among the junk, there were quite a number of interesting oddities. Curiousity and old habits got the better of her as she climbed down the stairs and began sifting through the scrap.

Everything that surrounded her was eerily macabre. It was like standing amidst a mechanical graveyard; a cemetery where machines came to die. But despite all the heralds of technological death, Vi was immensely surprised to find that much of the "rubbish" was still operational; though a little dented, rusty or banged-up. Mining rigs, construction bots and, even a hextech automobile. With a little tuning and repairs, all of these would run as if they were brand new.

It was then that her gaze landed on an odd trinket that interested her greatly. Buried deep beneath the garbage, Vi found an inactive mechanical golem. Its shape and design reminded her of the sentient automaton, Blitzcrank. The steam golem was a fan favourite in Piltover for some reason and one would have to be living under a rock to have not have heard of him. She inspected it carefully. Though it was probably not self-aware like the League Champion, it had been assembled in a similar fashion and from the same alloys that made the champion as resilient as it... as he was.

"Probably the prototype..." Vi thought to herself. "Wonder why they junked it?"

Her eyes lingered on the scrapped automaton's appendages; sturdy, well-built, powerful and mimicking human palms. The memories of the heist in Piltover returned to her. She stared at her own bandaged hands. It felt like a foolish idea but she decided to proceed nonetheless. After scavenging through the junkyard for some spare tools, she began detaching the automaton's fists. Then she busied herself modifying the hextech limbs; cutting then refitting wires and hammering the metal into shape.

After what seemed like hours, Vi finally stood up and stretched her back. Covered in sweat and soot, she inspected her work. Back during the heist, she had only done a rough improvisation due to the lack of time and paid the price for her haste with fractured arms. She wondered if the current result of her work would be better. Slipping her hands into them, she moved her body around; examining the gauntlets in detail. They were heavier than the ones she had made in the heist and weighed her down; despite her brawn.

"Fat Hands! Now that name suits you so much better than Vi!"

Vi turned towards the laughter. It was the girl she had met at the bar in Vaskervon Coliseum. Sitting idly on top of a garbage heap, she was looking at Vi with an equal measure of bemusement and interest. Dressed in shorts and a sleveless shirt, the tattoos on her pale skin were on display. Blue clouds. At least, that is what they looked like to Vi. But unlike before, her long raven hair had been dyed turquoise and braided into two extremely long braids; a look that exaggerated her impish aura.


"I thought I'd dye my hair too. But didn't want to be a complete copycat and go violet like you." Jinx grinned. "So? What do you think? I painted them the same colour as my tattoos! You like it?"

"Are you following me?" Vi gritted her teeth, removed the gauntlets from her hands.

Jinx did not answer. She was too busy staring at Vi's modified hextech fists.

"Very amateur work. Good concept but bad application? That'll crush your hands when you use them."
She eyed the bandages on Vi's hands.

"But I guess you know that already." Jinx added.

"Like you know anything about hextech..." Vi scowled.

"You're hurting my feelings!" Jinx laughed as she slid down from atop the garbage pile on a discarded metal lid. "WHEEE!! Lemme see?"

Jinx withdrew a spanner from her belt and knelt down on the ground. Sticking her tongue out in concentration, she began tinkering with the fists.

"You left a lot of **** inside. You only need them if the arms were still on the bot-o." She chuckled as she removed bits from the gauntlets. "Annnddd... You've not activated the shock absorption on these. No wonder you broke your arms last time."

The screws turned and Vi watched Jinx work on the hextech gauntlets. She had to admit that the girl knew what she was doing.

"Done!" Jinx exclaimed standing up. "Put them on! Hurryyy!"

Hesitantly, Vi slipped her hands into the gauntlets. To her surprise, they felt much lighter. She shadowboxed a bit; shuffling her feet and swerving from side to side. There was absolutely no resistance to her movements. Pulling her arms back, she punched the remains of the discarded automaton. The punch shattered the golem’s torso. The gauntlets were functioning much better than expected. Too much perhaps, for it was then that Vi discovered the difference between the prototype and Blitzcrank. Unlike the league champion who ran on steam, the prototype apparently ran on fuel. The inactive automaton sprayed Vi with a black, viscous fluid from its rupture; much to Jinx’s amusement and delight.

“Let me join too!”

Before Vi had the chance to dissuade the imp, she jumped into the fray; splashing fuel all around them. By the time that the automaton stopped spraying the remnants of its fuel, Vi and Jinx were covered from head to toe in pungent fuel.


The people stared and snickered as the duo walked across the street. A few pinched their nose and scrunched up their faces as they created distance between themselves and the pair. Their reactions annoyed Vi but Jinx seemed oblivious to them as she skipped and hopped behind Vi.

Vi wanted to be angry at Jinx but could not. Despite all her mischief and eccentricities, Jinx had tuned the gauntlets for her. The gauntlets had not recoiled when she had used them and their functionality had proven to be more than adequate. Vi was torn between feeling grateful and disgruntled.

She turned to Jinx who was flailing her arms around in abandon.

"Where did you learn how to do this?" Vi asked, pointing to the hextech fists.

"When you grow up in Zaun, you pick up a few tricks along the way." Jinx grinned with pride. "Who do you think built trusty old Zapper?"

She caressed her pistol lovingly.

"But it's funny, I ran into you in the junkyard. I go there to scavenge a lot too, you know?" Jinx explained. "These morons are always dumping good stuff around. Liiiiiikkkkeeee... this one!"

In the hands of the teen girl was a mini retractable gatling gun that burst forth from an inconspicuous metal box. By the looks of it, it was military-grade and definitely illegal for civilians everywhere to possess; even Zaun. The barrels were a bit bent and battered. The gun itself looked like it had seen better days. But Vi was sure that it was functional. All it needed was a little patch up.

"I picked up just when we were leaving! What do you think I should call him?” Jinx asked Vi and turned towards her new find. “I think I'll call you... PewPew! No wait. BamBam! Ughhh no... that sounds like something from a Sunday cartoon. PowPow? YES! PowPow!!!!"

Suddenly the gun roared to life as Jinx fiddled around with the trigger. And despite its bent barrels, PowPow coughed up a hail of bullets. Vi jumped in surprise and barely managed to dodge the onslaught. The bullets sprayed the crowded street as the public yelped in alarm. A few cars skidded on the asphalt and crashed into each other.

"Oops! I guess it needs a little more work..." Jinx smiled sheepishly. "Errr... Sorry!"

“Are you out of your mind?!” Vi shouted as she got back up.

“Probably.” Jinx shrugged. “But you know, Fat Hands... I think we should get outta here.”

Vi turned towards where Jinx was motioning. A crowd was forming around them. Most of them were armed and looked infuriated. Vi was unfazed. There were only around twenty of them. But the crowd quickly grew. Twenty became fifty. And fifty became eighty. Jinx smiled, biting her lower lip, at Vi whose face betrayed a hint of anxiety.

“They don’t look very friendly, do they?” Jinx grinned.


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Vi sat down on the single bed of her rented room. It was too soft. The mattress felt like it was made of marshmallows. Wiping herself dry with a towel, she stared at the hextech gauntlets that she had carefully placed on the end table by the bed. In a few months, she was sure she would be tossing them about carelessly. But for now, she had treated them as delicately as she could due to their novelty.

She looked up as Jinx emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Her long hair cascaded all the way down to her knees. She caught Vi’s eye and smiled mischievously as she let the towel fall to the ground.

“Put your damn clothes on!” Vi scowled.

“They’re not dry yet!” Jinx moaned.

Vi sighed and rummaged through her luggage. From within, she removed a pair of old faded shorts and a t-shirt which she tossed towards Jinx. The girl looked a bit disappointed as she put on Vi’s clothes; clothes that were unsurprisingly too large for the skinny girl; like a little child trying on adult clothes.

Once dressed, she jumped onto Vi's lap with a squeal of joy. She reminded Vi of a puppy; an irritating, enthusiastic and almost certainly rabid puppy. Jinx had decided to follow Vi and Vi had reluctantly let her. They had barely managed to escape the wrath of the crowds that had chased them all over the city and it was all thanks to Jinx’s eccentricities. And though Vi wanted to punch some sense into the little goblin, she could not bring herself to raise her hands against Jinx. After all, she had helped her out in the bar and tuned the gauntlets for her.

Vi tried to push Jinx away from her but Jinx clung to her as if the two were glued together.

"Get off my lap, you pain-in-the-neck."

"But there's nowhere else to sit!" Jinx pouted. "You just have this one lousy bed and it's too non-bouncy! Your lap's much better, Fat Hands!"

"Don't call me that!"

Jinx giggled in glee as she put her arms around Vi's neck. She looked her in the eye; her lips dangerously close to Vi's. Vi could smell her; an odd alchemy of jasmines and gunpowder. It overwhelmed her senses as Vi felt Jinx's breath fall upon her quivering lips.

"What're you doing?" Vi grunted as she turned her head away.

"Two people in a locked bedroom sitting with arms around each other... what do you think I'm doing?" Jinx smirked suggestively. "You can't be that dense, can you? Give in already, Fat Hands."

"Don’t call me th- Let go!" Vi averted her eyes. "You and me. We've nothing in common. We're nothing alike."

"Haven't you heard?" Jinx smiled as she aimed for Vi’s lips with her own. "Opposites attract."

Vi pushed her away, a little more roughly than she had intended to. Jinx crashed on the floor with a loud thud. Instantly, a feeling of regret and concern overcame Vi. She hesitantly held out her hand to Jinx.

"Sorry..." She said, looking away. "I just- Sorry."

Jinx smiled and took Vi's hand, allowing herself to be lifted back up. She sat next to Vi on the bed and studied Vi with interest. There was no anger or hurt.

"So what's a Piltovian like you doing in Zaun, Fat Hands?"

"I- That's none of your business." Vi retorted. "How do you even know I'm from Piltover?"

"How could I not?" Jinx snorted. "It's written all over you! From that retro mullet for a hairstyle to that vintage jacket and dumb choker you put on. Even the way you walk and move screams of you not belonging here. You walk around like you're wading in a river of s**t. It's always the outsiders that do that, ya know? Like they're too good for Zaun. And since you seem to know a little about hextech and you don't look like a yordle, the answer's obvious. Piltover. But I'm guessing you're not like the rest of that fancy-smancy lot... That there is a story in here somewhere?"

Vi remained silent but Jinx continued to wait patiently.

"Look... I don't wanna talk about it, alright?" Vi finally said.

"Don't be like that." Jinx moaned. "You obviously do! It's eating you from the inside, isn't it? Open up, Fat Hands!"

"Stop calling me Fat- Ah! What's the point?" Vi snarled. "You wanna hear my story? Fine! I'll tell you."

Jinx propped herself against the pillows and crossed her legs. Her eyes were wide with wonder and engrossment as she listened to Vi tell her story. She told Jinx of her rough beginnings in Piltover and how she had to struggle to survive. She recounted the crimes she had committed and of her life as a criminal. It was like a confession as Vi laid all her history bare before this girl she barely knew. But there seemed to be no judgement in Jinx's eyes; only a curious fascination as she listened to Vi.

"But all this doesn't explain what you're doing in Zaun." Jinx pointed out, sensing Vi’s hesitation grow as the events in her story grew more recent.

"I guess there's no point hiding the reason, I guess." Vi said grimly. "It was my last job with the gang. I banged it up. You see, me and the gang were supposed to be raiding this mining facility, tucked far away from Piltover. We'd heard there was a lotta gold nuggets up for the taking and the only security at night were a couple of outdated bots. It was a piece of cake. So we go there, take the bots out and start robbing the place blind. But-"


"Well turns out, we weren't alone. A few miners, working overtime, walked right into the middle of the job. Well, they surrendered pretty easy and we tied 'em all up. I thought we’d walk out with our loot and leave the miners alone. But the gang..." Vi clenched her fists. "They had other plans."

"They shoved 'em all into a fresh tunnel and then blew up the support pillars. They wanted to bury the sobs dead. The gang began to bail but I couldn't leave 'em to die." Vi continued. "I got 'em out. Improvised a pair of gloves from one of 'em mining rigs lying around. And then I got 'em out from the deathtrap. I didn't really do a good job with the gloves though."

Vi lifted her bandaged arms in front of Jinx. Jinx took Vi's hands in hers and stroked it gently.
"I guess, you figured out the rest. I broke off with the gang. They didn’t take my choice well. They were out for my blood so I left Piltover. I still had my share of the loot and it would last me a while. So I came here. To Zaun. Didn't think any other place would take me in without questions..."

"You're lying, aren't you?" Jinx asked seriously.

"I'm not-"

"You say you ran away because of your old gang. That's a lie. I can tell." Jinx said. "It doesn't fit you. No. You'd have fought them all. You wouldn't have run."

"Why wouldn't I have?! Don't act like you've known me all your life just because I told you a bit about me!" Vi yelled in anger. "How can you be so sure that I ain't a damned coward?"

Jinx put her hand on Vi's cheek. Vi looked away.

"I just know, Fat Hands." Jinx smiled. "You didn't run away from your crew. You ran away from yourself, didn't you?"

"You don't underst-"

"No, I don't." Jinx interrupted ferociously. "I would've left the miners to die and I wouldn't have felt a thing. I would’ve probably even stayed and watched if I thought it’d be fun. But, like you said, we're nothing alike. You couldn't do it. And now it's eating you up on the inside, isn't it? All you've known is crime and violence but now that you saw your victims it gave you a... conscience. It makes you wonder if the life is really your thing, doesn't it? You wouldn't be here otherwise, like a lil lost b***h caught out in the rain."

Jinx's nails dug into Vi's arms. Blood oozed out of the pierced skin as Vi stared Jinx in the eyes.

"Opposites attract, huh?" Jinx laughed.

She took Vi's hand in hers and kissed the bleeding wounds, gently.

"You're the only person I know who'd come to here for such a thing. Zaun fixes machines. Not people." Jinx smiled. "You're so stupid, Fat Hands..."

Vi looked away and said nothing. Jinx's words echoed in her mind again and again. She was more confused now than she had ever been.

"Put your gloves on. We're heading out." Jinx ordered. "Right now."

"Where?" Vi asked, still averting her eyes.

"Soul Searching."