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Toxic players

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So I just had a game and i had a dc support so the game went pretty bad. I just did my best to keep playing serious. Then warwick starts flaming but hey whats new. But what goes to far is after the game. He adds me just to say the following:

[9:20] Tomasalami123: lol
30000 normal games and u sucks
[9:20] svenyyy: ?
you did know
[9:20] Tomasalami123: enjoy all your reports
[9:20] svenyyy: i had afk sup?
[9:20] Tomasalami123: and pls, unistall
[9:20] svenyyy: and ****?
[9:20] Tomasalami123: 0 real life for nothing
[9:20] svenyyy: and do you ahve any idea
[9:20] Tomasalami123: epic
[9:20] svenyyy: how toxic this is?
[9:20] Tomasalami123: bye noob!

This kind of toxic people really need a perma ban. there needs to be a option to report some one for flaming behind the games itself.

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Lol that's nothing .. I have met people wishing me death .. and I have seen things "not to me personally" but some sort of.

1. Fk ur mom.
2. She is dead.
1. Good ..

Like seriously .. they deserve something more than permaban ..