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Banned for the Third Time Ranken and Chat

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Goodday To the ones who are reading this,

First of all i wanna say something i play allot of leaque buy allot of skins because i like the game in my early unskilled raging time playing leaque of legends i was banned for ranked and chat restrict for 40 games so i played until it went off later that month i started playing again and then i was afk for maybe 3 -4 days didn't even play 1 game i come back i was again banned the same penalty for doing nothing i was like should i go wining on the forums for it because i got chat restricted for no reason they would never believe like every other guy would deny that he didn't do nothing wrong but this time i stopped playing for maybe 2-3 month a couple days ago i start playing again and in 2 days i carryd all my games won and it went of but as soon as it went off not even 1 minute later after it was off i get banned again now Leaque im asking you look in my account chats if i did anything wrong i never even almost use chat please look in my account because if im getting this ban not even 2 minutes later after i worked my old ban from 4 months that i finished in 2-3 days im gonna stop playing forever i don't care about my 75-80 skins i bought im gonna stop playing forever

Thanks you Leaque of legends im not going to accept this ban usually if i did something wrong i would accept it but i didn't even get the chance to play a game after i finished my ban from last time and im getting in 1 minute banned again this must be a bug because the last ban i had was also something while i was afk for some days