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Client won't finish download after reinstall (0KBps), nothing seems to work.

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About a week ago, League started acting weirder than normal. Aside from the usual in-game FPS issues (20 average in soms games, solid 60 others for seemingly no reason) and air client time glitches (champ select just goes bananas when your client's timer is off) which I've sort of grown accustomed to, my client started to "scan my files" before I could click on continue. Every time, I had to sit and watch a timer go from 0 files to about 7K files which took about a solid 15 minutes each time.

After the latest patch, I was able to play a couple of games before my client broke completely. Patching the broken files (or whatever it was trying to do) got stuck at a certain percentage and nothing responded. I tried re-installing, but the download always gets stuck at random percentages (with some recurring) and won't budge not even after hours. So every time I try to fix it, I have to wait out the initial 0 to 7000 file scan, which is absolutely dreadfull (I must've done it about 30 times now).

I've tried every fix listed on the interwebz (reddit nd stuff), but nothing seems to work, and if you add that 15 minute wait time every reboot which wasnt a fresh install, it gets really frustrating.

I'll post my logs as soon as required, but I'm still secretely hoping there's a really easy fix for this. (Or that Riot is "secretely working on this&quot


Life is hell. Client won't finish installing, always drops to 0KBps and never budges again. Reinstalling, or any fix of any sort doesn't work. Mucho Gracias.