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like without even joking or overexagurating if i push the request that i need to type and hint more then 1 time
they usualy explode- not all the time, but the majority of the time
"****ing noob support cant place wards"
"get a ****ing sightstone and place it yourself"
"stop flaming, ill afk"
"not my job"
"thats your job"
"saving it for dragon you idiot"

like sure, sometimes it works, ive even had those rare games were i can ping one time in a bush and they place it down. I have even played so many support games that i have acctualy played a game were my adc acctualy buys 1 pinkward. but those are extremly rare situations and i kinda just dont waste my time with it anymore.
i just try to get them fed, and let them say things like
"im carrying so hard"
"rekt mate"
"listen to me or ill afk, you need me to carry you"