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Patching 5.3 Not Working

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LUR Proximal

Junior Member



For the last two days, I've been trying to update League of Legends. It worked for me to update to patch 5.3, but suddenly, a few days later, the LoL patcher started a small update when I opened the patcher. It's been stuck on 33%, and 87% mostly. Here is what I've tried so far;

1) Re-installed LoL, it gets past 33%, but gets stuck at 87 %.
2) Changed from a region to another.
3) Repair, but it takes more than an hour and a half, so I gave up.
4) Deleting several files from the contents folder. (lol_game_client, lol_air_client, releasemanifest and S_OK)

PLEASE help me in this situation, and give me a concrete answer! This really bugs me, and it only occurs on my mac.
Thank you!

LUR Proximal

EDIT: Been trying to repair the patcher when I hit 87 %, but repair also get stuck at 359 files scanned. I have no clue what's happening.