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is this real life?

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Junior Member


After not playing for 4 days, i come back n after studying for a prelim to a 75 game chat ban, and once again - not it being under correct terms.... im being reported again and again for little kids disagreeing with me, or the enemy team blaming it all on one person so i say to them that theyre all as bad as eachother so dont pick on them... i get a warning for that?!? - dont do dragon yet theylle be able to steal it. warning for verbal harassment... how is the tribunal reviewing this because i cant speak in chat without a report, or being banned..

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Lady Lothiriel

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There is no tribunal anymore, the current system is a mostly automated system that flags your account if you are reported much more than is normal. Then a mostly automated chat analysis is being done on your games.
If negativity or toxicity is found, you get restricted.