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Riot should fix ranked ban system, do you agree?

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I got a ranked ban and chatrestriction from riot and this is what i think they should improve, do you agree?
So you won't show me what i have said, you just tell me i have been toxic, this is redicoulus, riot should tell us what we have typed!
You give me ranked ban, and i have to win, why?
And for a while ago, my friend and everyone could see that they had typed and i wonder why you have removed that, so you will be able to put ranked restrictions for no reason?
Fix this problem, everyone is complaining about it and they you give such a high amount of games that you have to win. 35 games takes forever, 1 game takes about 40 min, 40 times 35 is 1400 minutes and 23 hours and that's if you win all of them, you lose about half so that makes it almost 50 hours. How can you not see that this is to much and players are going to dropp in ranked becasue of this? So my sugestion is that you atleast remove that you have win and that it has to be drafted because draft takes much longer! 35 games with 5 min in draft is almost 3 hours. So if you remove the "You have to win" and "has to be drafted" it would be much better and take around 30 hours wich also is a very long time!!

Sorry for bad englsih

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Lady Lothiriel

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1. Yes, it would be better if you could see what exactly you have done wrong. Hopefully, with the new Tribunal, this feature will come back.

2. If you didn't need to win those games, people would just troll to get rid of the restriction. It makes sense that it has to be wins.

3. It is supposed to be a punishment and as such has to hurt. It wouldn't be much of a punishment if you could get out of it quickly and easily.