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DEBATE on "offensive language"

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The amount of falacies and claims without evidence is jsut too much, to quote all of that mess of an answer.

I'm really over talking about movies that are unrelated to a game, which is what you're doing, to make a point.

Noone of that, disproves or contraditcs the main point that is that negative criticism should all be allowed, till it becomes insulting.

Yet you waste yourself with walls of texts, comparing movies that are as farfetch from the game as possible and just make baseless claims.

I'll jsut say this one more time really:

1-All of those movies are a retarded comparassion to the game, that's the point, you gave an extreme example (it's extreme it doesn't matter if it's relative or absolute) that's missrepresentative, becuase you're painting criticism as insulting.

2- I, do not benefit from team ranked because i endorse and do negative criticism when it's called for, if someones offended it's because it's either too much or it's because they're immature.

3- Muting does not mean the person went too far. It means they're muted for whatever reason.

4- Actually uphold your burden of proof, when you just make assertions all over the place or twist semantics to make a falacious statement.

That is all.