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Super In-Depth Orianna Commentary

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Hello everyone, my name is Krisitown I finished platinum last season at the moment I am gold3 making my way up to play again after quite horrible placement matches. I viewer asked me to make a gameplay commentary where I explain everything I do and think about in game. So this right here is basically a 60 minute analysis of a 28 minute game while only focusing on my match up and skipping parts where I was dead.

I think that these videos could be rather helpful to newer or average players. Tell me what you think I had fun even though my voice was killing me since that was 1 hour of non-stop talking. If you want suggest any match-ups you would like to see or what champion, I play mostly mid but I can one for other lanes just not going to be as experienced. If you want even I dont mind reviewing another person's replay if they so desire and of course if they are open to critique and willing to improve

Anyway here is the vod I hope you like it:Super In-Depth Orianna Commentary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sNG4RTv_gc)