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Ranked Matches - New/Diff System

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Hi all,

First of all, this is only my oppinion and maybe its not the first time someone says this (I tried to find something related to this, didn't find.)
So I just wonder if Riot should change the Ranked Matches system, so you can't go Ranked matches only by being level 30. Why?

Being level 30 doesn't mean you know the game - "Well, ofc, you need experience". Sure. You do need. So, why not earn that experience going on a trial... Like some tests to know if you know the game. Like:

a - Kills are not important. Farm is. Not dying is. Do an objective is.
b - Lanning phase is one thing. Teamfights its another thing. You have to know them both.
c - Vision is important. warding placement/clearence is important. Know where your enemy is.
c2 - Upgrading your trinket is important! And now its cheaper!

etc... I think if you know this stuff, you'll even enjoy the game more! Like "Oh... So if I farm a lot, i don't need kills. We'll crush them on the fight then!" And then you go to the fight, and have fun with it. Or do you enjoy being like 3-0 and your top fed, and your mid fed the opponents... Then when it comes to teamfight your 3-0 won't help you at all? Right?

So, theese trials could be anything. Could be like 200 games in normal (maybe normal with draft picks), 100 games, 50 games and a quizz... Anything. Only to check if that player won't hurt the ones who really like and understand the game and wants to play it right, so it can be fun, either winning or losing it.

Myself, i go for this: As long as you (your team) do everything you can properly, then doesn't matter if you win or lose.