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Noob Looking for a Normal Duo Q partner

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Danny x111

Junior Member


Hey guys,
I'm looking for a partner to duo in normals. My goal is to improve my self, by learning new things.
When I said I want to learn new things, I was refering, to see how high elo players play. I could see streamers to see that, but I want to experience it first hand, to learn with my mistakes and improve were I'm bad. This is maybe a silly idea for some of you, because I will probably feed and make you lose most of the games, but if you are willing to do that sacrifice to help a noob improving, then, you Sir, have my respect.

IGN: Danny x111;
Skill: Unranked atm (silver V in S4)
Main Lane(s): Support(mainly), jungler;
Main Champs: Lulu, Tresh, Rengar, Wukong;
Playtime: Mostly at the weekend and friday's at night.
Language: Portuguese / English