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the Hextech Gunblade on KATARINA is back!

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Junior Member


since DFG is removed, i kinda aks myself that to get as the 6th Item. and since the new Hextechgunblade has a higher amout of ap y.. why not!

i know.. 1/3 aoe spell vamp reducing, and katarina is all about aoe. and she dont skil with ad. but it gives sustain! in teamfights. if you get cc. you are scred anyway u can hourghlas and hope for the reste if u haved killed someone by then already. but getting out of a hourglas with a lil bit more hp turn teamfights around.

specally whenu dont have your ult and you clean up teh fight. this lil heal helps u to kill teh next and the next one.

spamming 10 abilities in 10 seconds.. and u do this with katarian... u will get hp back on a full build katarina even when you do aoe damage.

you can say yeah fuk that but what else u wanna get for her?

i have:

.... and ???

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Senior Member


Wait for the new 120 AP item they said they will make instead of DFG. Or you could always get something else. I haven't played Katarina for a while but I used to get the spooky ghosts on her as first or second item. The MS is really nice for roaming, early CDR helps your farm+harass and the active is really versatile for catching people out or running away.

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So far into the game, i would buy a defensive item since your damage already is enough but you will get 2- shotted by their adc.

So i recommend a rylais, a haunting or a complete tank item like banshees, ga or even randuins.