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Far, far, far too many smurfs in the Game

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Riku Wolyafa



Hello there.
I already can smell all the rage, tears and flame coming towards me but i got really the urge to try and find out what other people experience.
I recently got a friend of mine to play this game. Teached him the basics and played his support for like 11 levels in bot games
but since he recently tried to play normal games 10/10 games had high lvl smurfs in them who just roflstomp entire teams as just 1 champ.
And he isnt even duo with me or anything he just solo queues to actually avoid all these smurfs but there are just SO MANY of em!
This is neither fun nor enjoyable for ANY new player and actually makes them LEAVE this game because bot games get tiring as well after a while.
There really got to be a system to filter smurfs out of the lower levels and match them with their own so they can have their diamond matches at lvl 11

I watch his games and stay in TeamSpeak with him and technically see first hand how frustrating this is and its hard for me to keep him motivated to stay and play games against these overpowered smurfs.

Anybody else having the same experience?

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Junior Member


I hear you, man.

You get 3 or 4 players who are evenly matched on each side and 1 or 2 lunatics who go around destroying everyone.

Sometimes I win if they're on my side, sometimes I lose if they're on the other side, but it kind of makes me feel like I have no influence on the game's outcome at all.

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Senior Member


Everyone experiences this.

I'm sure if there were an easy solution Riot would already have tried it. However, it is very hard to tell somebody's true ability after such few games. Which is why the smurfs aren't filtered out sooner.

Just because someone wins their first 10 games, doesn't mean they are a smurf or super good. Perhaps that player was just on teams with smurfs for those games and got carried to all of their wins.

The match making system gets better the more games played as your MMR becomes more and more accurate in respect to your actual ability.

Unfortunately there is no way about it except to grow a thick skin and keep playing

EDIT: Also, the time at which you play will impact your matchmaking. If you play at early evening hours like 4pm-10pm there are likely more players on and more options for the matchmaker. If you play later then there is a limited pool of players you can be matched with