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Tips for mid

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Like the description says, I need some help. I main zed and can do well although any tips for a silver 3 would be helpful e.g against certain match ups like ahri, tips on roaming, where to ward. I've also recently been playing Orianna and would like any tips with her especially with a team with dashes e.g alot of adc, nidalee other than "wait for them to use the ability". Should I roam top or bot more; top because it is easier, bot because they are more helpful fed; how often should I roam? How quickly into a game would higher Leo's recommend taking dragon? Finally - what to do to pull a game back/stop throwing it when we have a lead? Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Warding: get a pink and place it in one of the riverbrushs. This helps by wasting the enemy junglers time and prevents the enemy midlaner to roam. Further always buy wards to ward the other side of the lane.

Roaming: whenever your ult is up and whenever the enemies overextend (in silver elo ~50% of the time; either your team overextends or they do.) Also look at who you have on the team. Janna for example is not as good as a thresh for Setzung up kills. Same for toplane.

Farming: thats the easiest thing for a zed, just farm with shuikens if u cant walk up.

Laning: poke the enemy and when the health bar is loa enough and when youre confident enough, go all in at lvl 6 AFTER u baited out critical spells from the enemy (eg ahris charm).

Dragon: asap. When you kill your laneopponents and when your jungler is nearby, just do it. Dragon is weak early.

The Throws: it often works for me at least: tell your team that if they continue to derp around, they still can lose the game. Furthermore ping the objectives you can get or tell them your plan. I'm pretty sure they don't have one.