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In Summoner's Rift, what qualifies as winning a lane?

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I recently played a match where both top laners believed they were the winners of their lane. On the Blue Team, Darius, on the Purple team, Maokai.

Maokai zoned Darius hard in the early game by throwing saplings and jumping on Darius whenever he was going to get farm, however Darius managed to freeze the lane and keep it frozen in front of his turret for quite a while. 15 minutes or so in Blue team's jungler tries to gank and Darius ends up dying, but Maokai dies aswell.
A bit later the Purple team's Midlaner tries to gank Darius and Darius survives, killing the mid in the process.

The first turret to fall was the Purple Turret, even though Maokai had +- the same farm as Darius, Darius only had 1 kill and Maokai had 5. The Blue turret only fell about 30 minutes in.

So, in this circumstance, Maokai was clearly stronger in lane, however he didn't manage to conquer the turret. Despite that Darius couldn't Roam and Maokai could, which in the end proved benefitial to the Purple Team, as he got kills somewhere else.

But who /won/ the lane?

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Metal Pagan

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win lane: have more gold than enemy laner: get cs, kills, turret, roams with kills/assists

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basically, if Darius had More CS and took the Tower, he would have been the winner.. because the fact that maokai got 5 kills elsewhere is not really relevant, but has more to do with others dying too much.. or lack of warnings that he is missing.

but the fact that Darius was equal CS despite Moakai ganking other lanes.. makes him totally at loss

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It doesnt matter