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Can I recover from really bad MMR?

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Junior Member


Hello forum,

Last season I was platinum 1, After playing my placement games I got placed in platinum 2. After playing over 40 games I am now in platinum 4 because of losing a lot of my games (40% win rate). My MMR is really bad now as I gain only ~15 LP and lose ~23LP.

I also feel like getting matched with players who are not on the same skill level as the enemy team (might just be a feeling!). wich results in even more losses. What does it take to come back from this and when will my MMR be normal again?

Thank you

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Well, I play at a level below, but same should work. For some odd reason I got an entire week for trolls, getting matched with people ranked way below me. Nearly lost all my motivation, all the games were trolish, so, after thinking a bit had only 2 solution, playing with a gold m8 to get better matches, with decent players and work on my elo, it is working. The other solution is getting down to the so called rank they demoted you, and start anew, carrying out games.