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My experience with LeaverBuster and suggestions on making it better

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Hello dear community,

I just had my first run in with the LeaverBuster system these past 2 weeks and while I absolutely see the point of it and do NOT want to complain about getting busted, I do want to bring a few things up for discussion and consideration.

If you know how LeaverBuster works skip section 1), if you don't care about where I'm coming from skip 2).

1) To all those that might not be 100% aware how it works: you get "bad guy" points for going afk or disconnecting during a match. It apparently does not matter if you reconnect or not. You still get some sort of secret penalty points. You get more if you do this during a ranked game. If you reach a certain threshhold you are placed in "Low Priority Queue" (LPQ from here on out). Now if you look for a game through matchmaking, you get a pop-up countdown of 5 minutes that you MUST wait through to get to queue. This is maintained until you finish 5 matchmaking games. If you accumulate more bad guy points during these matches your number of games in LPQ is extended and your countdown is increased from 5 minutes to 10/15/20.

2) Now, I'll explain how I got to where I am now and my qualms with this.
I moved to a new place mid january and have since had some extremely wonky internet. DSL connection repeatedly dropping from anywhere between 30 seconds and 6 minutes. Sometimes huge lag, sometimes straight out disconnect from nowhere. Not knowing this, I played, got lags, had disconnects, and in the end missed out on two ranked wins and a loss because I disconnected close to the end. This obviously got me into low priority queue and I had no issue with that. I changed my schedule, made sure my internet wasn't already going slower than usual before starting a match and got through my 5 games without a hitch (some luck was involved since some of my disconnects do come without any warning). My friends were angels for sticking through this with me, since they also had to wait 5 minutes before each queue. Now the waiting isn't all that bad, what makes it horrible (especially for these innocent souls stuck with me in purgatory) is that you can't do anything during this countdown. No mastery management, no runes, no shop, no lobby chat, no friend list chat. This goes for everyone in the lobby! If we weren't on voice chat, we would have no way of communicating through all this.
Anyhow, I make it through my 5 games, happy that was over, and swearing to make sure to do my best to never have to leave again (RL is a ***** though if you're no school kid). I play another game, no more 5 minute countdown, ahh the freedom, the quick matchmaking, glorious! I play another one and this time, at about lvl 8, RL strikes, I have to go afk for a few short minutes minutes. I get back, 2 levels behind, I can do this, I catch up, team isn't mad, we win! Yay, 20 more LP I get to post-game lobby and what do I see? Welcome back to LPQ, *******. This time 10 minute countdown though you evil evil Ragequitter/AFKer, you! What? I just got out, I didn't leave or quit, I was afk just long enough to be disconnected. My team didn't mind. I didn't feed. We even won.
So no ****, here I am with another 5 games in LPQ this time with 10 minute countdown before each match during which I can't even reply to my friends if they message me or spend money in the store and they can't either if they want to play with me...

Which brings me to:

3) My suggestions for LeaverBuster:

- let people (at least the innocent teammates) do their thing during the LPQ countdown. Masteries, Runes, Shop, CHAT! It was hard enough asking them to wait through the 5 minutes with me, I absolutely can't expect it for the 10 minute one... this would at least make it bearable for them.
- lower the harshness just a tad. I'm not against punishing leavers, but putting them back in the LPQ and with a harsher countdown for just one new short afk during a match after successfully going through the 5 games prior? Seems a bit too much to me...
- give some punishment control back to the teammates. i.e. if LeaverBuster detects the player was naughty that game, give his teammates a pop-up in post-game lobby to either punish or exonerate that player for his misdeeds. This would stop short afk's such as mine without a big negative impact on the game from getting that player excessively punished.


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For the sake of transparency:
I was accidentally logged in with my smurf account. You can guess why...
Anywho, this be me, and I approve of his message.

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I don't want to sound like a douche or anything...but it is your responsibility to ensure that your internet doesn't cut out. My friend(s) sometimes get this problem too, but we play another internet game while we wait for the LPQ timer. While I agree that chat/mastery/rune options should be added while in the LPQ, it is still your responsibility, to yourself and your friends, to not make League a negative experience for others.