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What are the most basic runes these days

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Havent played in a long time. Just got back into the game at the start of this season. I see a large shift in runes used already and i have a feeling it's because the values changed?

It used to be for example adc: 2 dmg quints and 1 lifesteal or some combination of it. Then armor seals blabla..

What are the best runes to get at this point for just basic adc/apc and jungling?

I have:
9 * phys dmg mrks
9 * ap pen marks

9 * armor seals
9 * health per level seals

9 * magic res glyhps
5 * ap per level glyphs
9 * mr per level glyphs

2 * AD quints
2 * lifesteal quints
3 * gold quints
3 * ap quints

In other words. What are the best runes to invest in at this point for basic adc, apc and jungling?

Or am i fine with what i got and will just invest in more heros?

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Aaryn GenD

Senior Member


Lifesteal Quintessences kind of suck right now because of the nerf -> 2% lifesteal to 1,5% -> resulting in 4,5% to the previous 6%.

What's "new" are the Attack speed Qiuntesseences! Those are amazing for ADC and Junglers!
I have to say that I really love your Runes, you have the most basic and best ones(ap per level, mr, mr per level so good, hp per level seal), just get them Attack Speed Quintessences and you are good to go!

Gold Quintessences are trash right now becaues of the Global Gold change. Even supports don't use them anymore.