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Nahiro - The Subterranean's Core

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Hi guys, and hi Riot developers

I'm an italian player in the EU West server. I was too ashamed to post some of my drawings here cause i thought that theese wouldn't have been so good.. but i'm here now (sorry for stupid english) and i will present my drawing about Nahiro.

About his Lore i haven't created so much but the important points are that he IS the earth. He can create his body by the humus on the ground and his weapon is a giant hammer that he call Shuryo. He was the king of Ionia before the War of the Runes. He was a great king and a great leader in battles. All his people loved him. But some of his servants betrayed him one month before the War and with an awful imposture they buried him alive. For one whole month he remained here, alone and just when he was dying all happened. The War of the Runes on Runeterra explode and the energy unleashed form the runes infused the dying body of Nahiro. After one year of the War...he reborn as a spirit. Not human, not monster. An essence capable of control the earth, the rocks and even the earthquakes. Here's a sketch of his lore and his aspect. Now i'm thinking about his abilities, i hope Riot will consider this