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Stuck in Gold IV/V, looking for serious advice.

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Hi guys, I'm legitemately looking for some advice. I was well on my way from Silver to Plat until I got into Gold 3. I was actually skipping divisions and was able to reach my Gold 3 promos. That's when things got wrong. I lost promos a couple of times, while doing the same stuff I always have done. Then I went on a losing streak, getting teams with feeders, afkers, flamers name it all and wasn't able to carry like I used to.

Now I'm at a point on which I'm losing more LP than I'm winning and I don't know what to do about it. Look I know that I don't play perfectly all the time, but most of the time I win my lane and try to guide my team to objectives. 9/10 They ignore it and proceed to overextend, feed or whatever.

Maybe I'm playing the wrong champions? What are some good early game hyper carries? Thanks in advance.