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Hi, everyone.

I'm a relatively new LoL player, starting out in October 2013. I haven't done many ranked games over the time of being level 30, but I feel like I want to start more serious now and hopefully get up to Platinum as a minimum for the end of Season 5.

I managed to get Gold V last season, which was pretty half-assed; maining Anivia and Syndra for the time. This season I'm going more of an ADC role.

Currently I'm sitting in Silver II after placements, going 5/5. Still sitting at a 49/50% win rate during my games due to a couple of horrible ones. (0/4/4 and 1/6/0 in Silver I promos due to some troubles with teammates.. Note: This isn't a "My teammates are the problem", but I feel that I could've played better in those games.)

As I look through OP.GG for my summoner, I feel like I do generally well in terms of CS, however I know I miss a few easy CS here and there, which I'm trying to improve on.. as well as an OK KDA, trying not to die to stupid things or bad calls, but I notice I don't actually buy as many wards as I think I do during those games.. I'm asking typically for any improvements you guys might suggest to me that I could use to improve my gameplay. I'm open to constrive criticism more than anything if that's required. LoLreplay is something else I've downloaded and starting to use so I can review games that I did both well and bad at so I can scout any improvements myself.

A link to my OP.GG: http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Aesthetic+Fear

TL;DR - Simple Silver II player wanting to climb. Open to any tips, suggestions etc. based on the games you can see in my match history.