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Idea to improve Elo system

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I've thought about a system that rewards individual skills instead of only winning or losing the game. That prevents trolls being carried to high divisions by luck or good people being unable to reach their true division because of unfair teammates. The system would be like this:
At the beggining, everyone chooses what role and lane wants to play, just like teambuilder, but not choosing the champion. Then it comes the pick and bans phase, that would be exactly like it is now. Then, when the game starts is when everything changes. Depending on the role, each person will win or lose elo points depending on how they do ingame. For example a mid lane (my main role, that is why i use it as an example) would gain points by damage dealt to enemy champions and his creep score, or a support by seconds of cc done or health points healed plus amount of assists. Then everyone would gain points for each ward cleaned thanks to him or a kill get for the team in the range of a ward put by him. I know this would take a lot of effort and hard work but i think it would be a huge improvement for the ranked games.

Finally sorry if my english isn't perfect, it's not my main language.