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Ranking System Broken?

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My name is Prommix and i was shocked by the placement i got in just now.

Me and my buddy decided to do our provisionals together because we have amazing synergy.
We gave it our all every single game and comunicated so well with teammates that we turned around even the hardest of situations. our teams were great because we kept positive and gave them a little leadership from time to time.

HOWEVER. I was silver 2 last season and my friend bronze 2.
I ended with a score of 7/3 and my friend 6/4( we did a single game seperatly) I was placed in Silver 4 and my friend in Bronze 4??!! even with all the hard work, positive leadership and great teams all leading to a score that is above average we both went down 2 entire devisions! should'nt we go up instead?

My Regards,

A worried summoner, Prommix.