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qualifications: 5wins=bronze 4?

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Hello all
This is my first post, and english is not my native language, so please don't start screaming if this is not the right place to post this thread.
So a couple hours ago i finished qualifications, and i ecspected to get Silver 3, because i won 5 games. Previous season, i won 2 and i got silver 5.
but instead of silver 3 or 4, im now bronze 4! i think this is unfair because i won 5 games and i didn't leave any game or something like that.

What should i do now? im not going to climb 5 ranks in 1 season, im not that pro, but im not bad either.

Thx for the response
mvg flops

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Actually im more surprised that you got silver last season with only 2 wins. I know several people in the same place than you, they got placed silver with a few wins last season and now even doing beter placements they find theirselves at bronze. Do you wanna reach silver? Work for it. Unluckily there's no other way right now.
I personally made my way up to silver 3 from bronze 5 along 2 years (i dont play many ranked games tho xD) and i found extremely unfair that last season people got silver for doing absolutely nothing.
But thats just my opinion and i understand you are upset but life is hard (and more in elohell)
Good luck!

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Nobody would argue that you should not have to work for a higher rank. However, I have experienced something very similar to flopsiepie. I only started playing some ranked for fun (3v3) at the end of the last season, so we ended somewhere between Bronze 4 and 5, since it wasn't all that serious.

Hoping to get a better start for this season, we tried our best and actually won four out of the five provisional games. Nevertheless, to our surprise, we were placed in Bronze V o.O Basically, we could have lost all games, and we would have been in the exact same position. Now, I would say that is not really fair either. There is no point in having provisional games if they do not make a difference.