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Gemini eSports are looking for Graphic Designer

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Greedy Allen



Hi everyone we are a new formed multigaming, created by some friends that play and know eachothers for almost 10 years now. To get our project started we are in need of someone who can make us Banners / Logo / Avatars and has some creativity and good skills with Photoshop.
As i said we are new, so we are not getting paid by any sponsor and the only investment that are made for the multigaming comes from our personal earnings, so FOR NOW we prefer someone who likes to do it because he loves do something related to graphics. Of course you will earn a stable spot in our multigaming, and all your works will be with your signature (or website if you have one). The project is starting in these days but as mentioned we would like you to be a part of our team.
If you think you have what its required and the passion for esports than you might be the right one, here i leave our infos, do not hesitate to contact us:

Skype: copparigaming
Email: [email]copparigaming@gmail.com[/email]

Best Wishes,
Gemini eSports