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How To Improve Community

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Here is my take on this topic.

League Of Legends has become one of the biggest game in the decade (if not the biggest) but it's a matter of fact that everyone keeps complaining for the toxic community it has. Why is this happening? Is this a game that makes everyone mad? Is it Riot's fault that it has come to this?

I have been playing the game since the very beggining and truth is at the start it was one of the most fun experiences in the field of gaming. Things started getting worse when the first world championships started. People saw the potential of what a game could look like and how bad their games (teammates and own performances) were. This tells us that the community shows signs of jealousy and uncontrollable anger. Where do we face these kind of things? The answer lies in "mentally immature people".

It is widely known that the internet is stormed by teenagers and generally younger ages and like every society everyone tends to act like the rest of the society in order to be a part of it. What I'm trying to say is that, even grown-ups show this kind of toxic behavior, be it flaming, raging and what not.

The way it seems to me, at least, is that LoL community are the children and Riot, in a sense, is the parent that has to put order in the family while at the same time keeping the whole procedure fair and fun for everyone.

MY SUGGESTION IS that Riot should start creating a system which focuses more on rewarding their players for being nice than simply punishing them for being toxic. the Honor system was a nice approach but it faded really fast since the rewards it granted were nothing too important and to be fair I know that Riot knew that it will end up like this.

I believe that the reason Riot was hesitant with rewarding players with RiotPoints or Skins and generally in-game content was because League is Riot's first and only game, unlike companies like Valve that have been out there for decades and already have the constracture and growth to provide players with in-game content.

To conclude this long post, Riot has to sacrifice a portion of their incomes, by granting the community "Free content" for their good behavior. This "sacrifice" can be small, yet noticable enough for the players to care about it, and grow with time while Riot's company grows. That new system would be the most sufficient and effective at not just reducing the toxicity but also at improving the League Of Legends experience overall. Maybe each player has to vote for an MVP after the match and once you collect enough MVP statuses you get a mystery gift or a cheap skin, maybe you have to gather a number of honors, maybe you could get rewarded for not being toxic for some months after you got some sort of a ban.(The new year mystery gift just made toxic people get even madder and adopt the mentality "oh well I got banned this season so now I can be a huge douche since I have nothing left to lose".)

Thanks for taking the time to read it.It would be really awesome to get feedback from a Rioter to see their point of view on my point of view (@.@). Anyone that would like to discuss it, FEEL FREE. Sorry for any english errors I might have.

1.Community has a "teenager-like mentality" so it needs the respective approach.
2.Riot needs a rewarding system that includes in-game content giveaways to promote good behavior while still keeping a punishing system for the overly toxic players.
3.Thanks for reading

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Lady Lothiriel

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1. Since I am part of this community, I don't agree with this generalization.
2. The new Tribunal system is said to be able to give out some sort of reward to positive players.
3. You are welcome.
4. Riot employees are not reading this forum.

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5. God, i love TL,DRs