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Somebody help me :'((

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I got hacked by someone and I know the name. I really wanted to get my account back. Here's what happened, the person who hack my account has been in my team in the rank game so then he added me and I accepted him. He then pm me and sending me some links and that so I opened the freaking link but I didn't know it was a hack. I really need to get my account back, not just my LOL account, he also got my yahoo email T.T I'm just too stupid at that time. I thought I can trust him as he's been a good team. .. Please anyone, someone, somebody help me .. Reply for the person's name (who hacked me). I really need to find that bastard and give my account backkk!!!!

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Well, the sad truth is that he's probably long gone.
You should never input your account data on any site other than the League of Legends website. Sites that claim to be affiliated with Riot will be mentioned on this site.

So, what to do now?
First of all, change your email on every account that uses Yahoo.
Suspend accounts if you have to.

As for your League account,
Your best bet will be to contact Riot Support, explain your situation and give them your account name (without password, that's not required). If you're lucky, Riot can change the associated password for you, but don't put your hopes on it.
Your account is probably gone.

For your Yahoo account, it will probably be the same. Explain your situation, use the term 'phished' because this is what happened to you.

Best of luck, may your accounts come back safely.

Take a read through this article as it explains in detail what it means to be phished, I hope it will help you, if not now, then in the future.