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Looking for the Best Lux Build

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Senior Member


I main Lux and I'd like to know how you guys build Lux.

I personally think that the most important thing about Lux is the cooldown reduction.
Then AP rate and mana regeneration follow up.

I built her normally:

Summoner Spells: Heal or Barrier or Teleport / Flash
1. Athene's Unholy Grail - CDR 20% / Mana Regen
2. Sorcerer's Shoes (Enchantment: Distortion) - Magic Pen
3. Rabadon's Deathcap - AP boost
4. Deathfire Grasp - AP boost + CDR 10%
5. Void Staff - AP boost + Magic Pen
6. Zhonya's Hourglass - AP boost + Armor + survival chance
7. Elixir of Brilliance - CDR 10%

= Over 800 AP, great magic pen, 40% CDR

It was kinda perfect. However..

Since Elixir of Brilliance and DFG are removed, I need a new item build.

Btw Lux exists for her useful cc and shield/ constant ult, but she's so damn lack of mana.

What about Archangel's Staff or Rod of Ages on her? Or double Morello/ Athene's + Morello?
Would the Ionian Boots of Lucidity (CDR 15%) be an option for Lux?

I hope you guys have some nice ideas

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Can't go wrong with a lichbane on lux, gives you a bit more mana as well.

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Change out DFG for Morellonomicons and this will cover most of your DFG AP and burst loss plus the 10% CDR of Elixir of Brilliance and another 10% CDR will be added because Morellonomicons gives +80 AP %20 CDR and +100% Base mana regen which is practically great for lux.

Now for your Elixir of Brilliance you should change it out for Elixir of Sorcery and that gives +40 AP and 15 bonus mana regen per 5 seconds which I'd say is a good mix with Morellonomicons.

Other than that your build hasn't really changed.

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You dont have a mutch magic resist so i would consider a abyssal scepter (70ap, 50mr, 20 magic pen if the enemys are near you).

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I would consider an early rabadons and then a grail/morello if you do well.
Just blowing sb up from ~1k range after u hit the binding is too fun.
But u prolly need blue then.