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Cannot choose a champ to buy

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I started playing again after a 4 months break.
I got 6300 IP and i want to buy a new champ.
The problem is that i dont know which one to choose.
I mainly play mid.
I have the following mid champs already:
Yasuo, talon, xerath, orianna, nidalee.

So which champ is worth buying atm?

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Junior Member


Hey !

I will give you my suggestions :
- cassiopeia
- Zed
- ahri

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Junior Member


also try vel'koz this week he's free

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How about Lux? I've been playing her since ... well since i first started League of Legends some years back and Im still loving her!

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Try Draven or Galio

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Someone found out, that it is possible to test the champions without purchasing them while we have this nemesis draft. All you need is to make custom game in this mode and someone on the other team to give you the champion you want (he might need to own this champion, I'm not sure about that). I tested it with friend today and it's working really well.
If anyone is interested in trying that out, feel free to add me, I will be really happy to help.

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Well, if you look for a midlaner, there are some options:

- Ziggs: I'm a bit biased here because he's my main midlaner, but the poke on this guy is almost as good as Xerath's. he have an AoE Ult that pick people up almost as efficiently, a Mine that disrupt oh so may champions (Never to be used to attack Katarina, Zed, or Fizz: it stop them so effectively) and a minefield that slowws pretty efficiently.

- Ahri: OH SO FUN. best kiting mage in the game, epic poke, and impossible to gank post 6 without hard CC. And still: a friend of mine who main her was able to outrun a fed Udyr after being stunned while attacking their second turret back to our base.

- Brand: His passive is ridiculous. Lacks range, but can burst people so effectively with a full combo.

- LeBlanc: One of those champs I DESPISE facing. Excellent hit and run tactics, unkillable without CC, a very good passive, and in lower Elo, she's Godlike: people will play cat with you to get a kill, and this give your teammate time to splitpush.

- Lux: can play both as a midlaner and supporter (in case you get a very bad matchup and you may have to switch lanes), have a very easy to do combo if you are good with skillshots, and that shield is so powerful and so spammable at the end of the game it's not even funny

- Syndra: SCARY. that's only thing I have to say: I never go near a Syndra if she have her stun up. her utility still make her good even if she fall behind and in case you face a heim, you won already (seriously: the hardest countermatchup in all Moba History)

- Fizz and Zed: Assassins: pretty good, pretty efficient, but rely on their ult to get kills. Zed is broken early and mid game and falls late game, while Fizz slowly get stronger and remains this way.

Good purchase and good game