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LF Comrades for RP-prized tournaments

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You always wanted easy free RP? -> Tournaments with RP-reward
There are hundreds of them, every week! These tournaments are often unknown and have few and weak teams participating.

Therefore I am looking for comrades to melk this RP-cow at Dia+ range. We will have a chatroom in the Lol-Client and a google-doc to list upcoming tournaments.

So what are you waiting for, write to me in the thread or ingame, look forward to hearing from you!

Additional info:
Normal price money is 1. 3600 2. 2400 RP RP RP 3. 1600 4. 800 RP
Tournaments - mostly on weekends, some during the week | 14-20 clock start
- Often with 8-12 participants, so 1 win and you certainly get RP
- In a different language (but works with Google translator)
- Check-in usually 15-30min before