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Yasuo = Corvo

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Hello people, I've been playing this game for a long time and I've always kind of been into lores.
Obviously, I play alot of other video games aswell, i.e.: Dishonored
And I've spotted a huge similarity between the protagonist of Dishonored aka Corvo, and Yasuo, the unforgiven, their lores specifically.
Both were the guards of a royal person, both kinda failed at their job, both got misunderstood and taken as "Betrayers" and both later had to chose a "wanderers" lifestyle. Yasuo even says quotes such as "I will not die dishonored" (which was the goal of Corvo's) in-game.
According to this, can we expect to Yasuo be as betrayed as Corvo was - by his own people that he lived with?
Does someone else find this very similar?

Sorry for bad english, I'm not brit/american