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hello fellas 3vs3 team (high plat-dia)

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Hi guys searching for 2 guys to play 3vs3

About me- 16 yrs old/plat1 soloq s4 (dia1 3vs3) as apc
I got an old team of s4 which was dia 5 where i wanna start playing to reach master in 2-3 weeks)
I wanna play adc/ad bruiser cause i will play apc in a different team.

About you:
Please be a focusing player
never flame even when someone is 0-10
Able to take critism
I expect you to be dia in soloq or you were dia in a 3vs3 team last season
Play support or apc
Skype/ts (I got no ts server)
Time: I wanna play at least 10-15 games per week (most at weekend)
Have kik/whatsapp on phone so we can communicate when to play

Add me ingame or write here shortly gonna start tryouts as soon as we are 3

Sorry i am not a nativespeaker

See you on the treeline

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/w me if you're online I am very intressted ^-^