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Getting punished for not surrendering?

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Yo Riot i just want to start out saying that i havn't been banned or chat restricted yet. But i got warnings about might getting banned in the future. U see when i am loosing a game i still have fun while loosing (without trolling or flaming off cause) but recent games players have been asking ``Why not surrender´´ to which i responded ``I am still having fun even though loosing´´. Now i got warnings beacuse i am getting reported and that i need to become more friendly in the games i play or else i will get punished? Please fix this since i feel like i am getting punished for just playing the game. Which makes me feel like not playing it again in the future.

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It's called the Behaviour Alert system and it's not necesarrily an indicator that you're about to get or going to be punished. It is triggered whenever you get more reports in a short period of time then normal. It's not a punishment, more of a suggetion to think about how you behave in games, is it still friendly/respectful or neutral.

Going by what you've said here I seriously don't think you need to worry, it's a game, and despite what some may think, it's still created to have fun. If you feel it's not neccessary to surrender then no one can force you to do so, that is why it's a vote decition.

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