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What happend to chat restrict ?

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So in season 4 I got chat restricted 2 times (both for 21 games) I totaly deserved those for beying toxic. I changed myself, and I sometimes don't even type anything in chat. And i got banned for 21 games again (around 1-2 weeks ago). I was mad, for riot banning me for no reason, but I played the 21 games anyways, like that's not a big of a deal I don't type mutch anyways. And btw I may got banned for saying shut up, u suck, noob (ex.) in one game, and people in that game reported me, so probably thats why.
Bot the thing is not about that...2 days ago I got unbaned from my restrict, yesterday I didin't play lol, cuz of studying. And now I log in and guess what: 31 game chat restrict... Like wtf? How could I flame then I was alreasy banned, I mean how that's even posible, I think Rito got crazy.
I'm not asking for a unban or something, I can do 31 games in a week or two, but I wanted to ask if I'm the only one who gets those bans? It would be nice for me if you could share you story, so I wouldn't feel alone :P,


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The idea is that after the first punishment you are under probation, which means that everey game you play will get checked after you've finished the previous stack, even if you're not reported in them.
Depending upon what is found a possible new stack is handed out. If it is larger then it found something.
The quickest way to get rid of these repeated restriction stacks is showing positive, friendly and helpful behaviour in your games. Riot seems to find silence or neutral behaviour isn't good enough, which could explain the second 21 restrictions.

If you believe a mistake was made, contact support. They'll check if the punishment was valid or not.

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