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75 match chat restriction

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Hi guys,

the last few days i had some rough games. All lanes were losing and i was jungle. Every time the enemy jungler ganked his team got a kill. I was heca for the first time in a while and i wasnt ganking much. However, every time i pinged that i was going to gank, my team mate went in right before i arived. At some point i was walking towards top (yasuo) and he died. So i typed something about him waiting for me. So i went to kata, same thing happend. So i typed again. Yasuo walked back in lane and instandly died. He started flaming. Later our zed started flaming, so i went sort of afk. The game after that i was frustrated and the same thing happend. I dont remember everything i said but i dont flaming/raging that hard, was I?

I guess i got my restriction from those 2 games. Can i see my log?

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There are only players here and we don't have access to your games. You can contact Riot Support but they will only verify if the punishment was correct or not and not present the Chat Logs. If you respectfully press on past the template answers they might give you hints about what in general got you punished.

You will not get punished for only two games, first you need to be reported (by people with high enough report values) in 4x more games than the average player before you are flagged for review. The reported games are then checked, including Champion select and Score screen chats, and only depending upon what is found will you get punished or not.

You are now under probation, this means that from now on all the games you play while Restricted will get checked, even if no one reported you in them. Riot wants to see you try to improve by showing friendly, respectful and helpful behaviour. Even if you do this though, it could be that you still get another stack of Restrictions after you've finished this one. As long as that new stack is smaller you're heading in the right direction.
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