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Really trying to understand the fact that we get chat restriction even tough we barely speak and never flame, ranked restrictions because maybe some mad guy that didn't win the game decided to report you, even if he doesn't have a tiny reason you will be banned just because you were punished before (never met nobody with 100% win rate)

WEll super interested to ear news from riot to see if they noticed this ''kind of problem'', and well maybe the community has a lot of ragers but something that a mute button can't resolve, and to be honest i think Riot is trying to figure out a way to make the game playable and fun without constant stress, but well if you punish the flammers and inoccent there's nothing left so let's make more sence next patch shall we ?

Don't take this like an offense and sorry for my english trying my best here.

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It's not a bug or flaw, the system was designed to check all games played, reported or not, after the first stack of Restrictions is given and hand out more Restrictions depending upon the improvement (or possible lack thereof) it finds.
The fastes way to get rid of the consecutive Restriction stacks is by being friendly and/or helpful. Staying silent might not work or work much slower in that regard.

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