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Starting a league of legends youtube tips?

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Hey all, I have been playing league of legends since early season 2 and I am finally considering uploading videos to my youtube and start streaming on twitch more. But the thing is I'm not too sure what way to go about doing it.

For example, I could post matches but should I add commentary or should I just upload me and my friends talking as I play and edit out the unnecessary audio or should I take my best plays and upload them.

Guess I could do both and also upload fails or wins I see as short clips. What do you guys think?

I also plan on streaming more, at the moment I stream every now and then but I want to set up a schedule and stick with it for league.

Does anyone have any advice on this? if so that would be greatly appreciated.

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axem red

Junior Member


well it's more what kind of content you're going to make like if it is just what the others do by showing all the wins and funny fails works but you also need good commentary most of the time because people can't really grow fond of you if it's just you explaining the situation and being a bit boring