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Selling TeamSpeak - Mumble servers 32 slots 3€/month.

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Overlord Ptfrsco

Junior Member


Are you looking for a Teamspeak server for your League of Legends Team, or a Mumble server for your Counter Strike tournaments?

I have servers in the following locations:
EUROPE: Germany, France
USA: Kansas City, Los Angeles, North Carolina.

If you want your server to have a Hostname , such as ” myserver.no-ip.org ” , you can choose one avaliable Hostname from http://www.noip.com/ and we will add it to your server for a one-time-only fee of 2€.

After the period of 30 days have passed, you’ll be granted with 3 grace days for the renewal of the server. If you don’t renew in that time period, your server will be shutdown until a new payment is made.

For more slots contact via MP or add me in skype Potofresco, but price may increase drastically.