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[Shurima Champion suggestion] Djav, the Truth Walker (

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Djav, the Truth Walker

Attack damage: 9
Health: 4
Apility power: 3
Difficulty: 6

Name: Veratis Djav
Age: 23
Obligation: Wanderer
Residence: Shurima

In a small and dark room, a young man sat hung over a table. A feint glow lit up the room. The wanderer rested for the night in an inn, for his training was harsh, and his journey was long. Suddenly, three knocks on the door, and within an instant, Djav stood with the doorknob in his hand. Behind the door, the owner of the inn waited. He handed Djav a letter, but not any letter. A beautiful, sharp letter, made from white paper. A letter from the shuriman empire. Djav smiled heartwarming at the innkeeper, and went back into his room. The letter had Djavs name ingraved, and it was written with a rushed handwriting. The feint light from Djavs eye lit up the paper, as he read through the letter:

A cloaked figure, which are known as the Truth Walker, wanders the scorching deserts of my empire. Travelling from town to town, this man proclaims his stories to the shuriman people, enlightening them with his ideals, and slowly turning away from my them away from my grip, and my love. I will not see myself so easily handled by a simple man. I will have him brought down, even if it should require use of my military might.
Get losts wanderer. The emperor is on the move.

So the emperor would finally confront him. Did he not know of truth, and of goodness? Was this what his path desired of him? To confront the emperor to win his life? The very path which led him to this land,
demanded of him yet another task? So it should be. Djav put on his humble brown cloak, and began to walk towards the shuriman deserts. This confrontation should not be happening in a town, but rather under the boiling sun on the shuriman desert.

In the dusty horisont, a cloaked figure approached the emperor. Four soldiers wandered with Azir towards the man. The largest of the soldiers said: "My emperor, should we attack him?" But the emperor did nothing but raise his hand, and the small pact stopped. Finally the cloaked man stood before Azir, revealing a young mans face, with one eye, the other cut out. This was no ordinary man. Suddenly, the largest of the guards drew his sword, and rushed towards the man. Azir said with a piercing voice: "Do not, Mithra. This is not your average wanderer." But the guard did not hesitate. He lashed out towards the man with a roar, but he did not hit. Two fist in the back brought down the large gaurd, who collapsed on the sand. "You dare defy me, wanderer", Azir proclaimed, "and you dare defend yourself against the death I cast upon you. Are you the one known as the Truth walker, cloaked Man?" "I am. But no enemy of yours, and I do not wish to fight you", the man answered, "but I do wish to enlighten the people of Shurima, so that they may find a true path, just as I did. And if you have any intention of interfering with the truth I offer, you better be prepared to face me."

Movement speed: 345
Range: 125
Average fighter stats.
Basic attack animation: Djav strikes with his fist in a straight line,one at a time.

True path: Djavs basic attacks pierce his enemies armor, applying Truth on them, giving Djav 4-6% (scales with levels) armor penetrationon it for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Applying 5 Truth on an enemy grants Djav a stack of True path. Upon reaching 30-90-170 stacks of True path, Djav amplifies his abilities.

Notes: Stacks fall of one at a time.
Visuals: Upon basic attacking, a shield appears, which breaks more and more as Djav applies Truth.

Djavs passive is the base of his playstyle. The armor penetration grants him more damage and tank killing if he is allowed to close the gap on an enemy, and the ability amplification promotes Djavs playstyle as a champ who would rather trade his enemy then farming. Denying Djav farm and winning trades will set him far behind, giving him a compare able playstyle to Nasus in that sense.

Iron fist (lined skillshot): After a brief windup, Djav strikes in a line, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 + 100% total ad physical damage, applying 1 Truth, and slowing enemies hit by 15% for 1 seconds. Hitting an enemy with Iron fist reduces the cooldown of Veratis assault by 3 seconds.
True path:
30 stacks: Resets the cooldown of Iron fist every time Djav applies 5 truth to an enemy.
90 stacks: Nonstealthed enemies hit by Iron fist are revealed for 6 seconds.
170 stacks: Iron fist deals true damage.

Cast time: 0.2 seconds
Mana cost: 30
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Range: 475 (c.w.r Yasuo Q is 475)
Width: 80
Visuals: Djav greatly throw back one of his arms, before striking it in a line.

Djavs Q is a generic damage ability, which combos well with his E. Combined with his passive armor pen, this ability will deal alot of damage even before 170 stacks of True path. Upon reaching 30 stacks, continuously attacking resets the cooldown of Iron fist, rewarding focusing an enemy.

Path breaker (selfish buff): Djav starts spinning around at extreme speed, channeling for up to 2 seconds, destroying all projectiles which hit him, and gaining a 20/40/60/80/100 + 10% max health shield accelerating over the duration. While channeling, Veratis assault can be cast, but does not strike at the end. Reactivate to cancel. Does not interrupt movement.
True path:
30 stacks: Veratis assault gains 150 range while channeling Path breaker.
90 stacks: Destroying a projectile reduces the cooldown of Path breaker by 4 seconds.
170 stacks: Djav gains 40/45/50/55/60% movement speed accelerating over the duration.

Cast time: Instant
Mana cost: 75
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16 seconds
Radius: 125
Visuals: Djav spins around himself, creating a white shell around him.

Djavs defensive cooldown. Extremely powerful vs champs like Ryze and Quinn, but less powerful vs Riven and Gnar. However it does grant a small shield the longer he channels it, do still defend a little against them. The True path portion simply grants more mobility, since Path breaker is also Djavs escape, all tho rather poor. At the late game, this ability can also be uses for gapclosing.

Veratis assault (lined dash + lined skillshot): Djav dashes forward in a fixed line over 0.2 seconds, and then strikes in a 350 range line at his cursor, dealing 50/65/80/95/110 + 50% bonus ad + 40% apility power physical damage over 0.2 seconds, and applying 2 Truth. If Djav hits an enemy champion, his next Veratis assault within 8 seconds deals 60% bonus physical damage, stacking up to 3 times. While dashing, all enemy targeted spells and basic attacks will miss.
True path:
30 stacks: Veratis assault grants Djav 40/45/50/55/60% attack speed for 3 seconds.
90 stacks: Veratis assault applies 1 additional truth.
170 stacks: All additional stacks of True path increases the base damage of Veratis assault by 1.

Cast time: Instant
Mana cost: 35
Cooldown: 7.5/7/6.5/6/5.5 seconds
Range: 350
Width: 100
Dash range: 550
Visuals: Djav rushes forward, and then strikes with his fist. Djav strikes more the more amplified Veratis assaults damage is.

Djavs gap closer, which deals insane damage as the stacks ramp up. Because of this ability, trading with Djav is dangerous. As the game progress, Djav gains easier acces to applying Truth on his enemies, and thus gains more Q resets. Q lowers the cooldown of E, which apllies lots of truth, which then resets Q again, allowing Djav to throw out tons of damage as the game progresses.

Truth decend(teleport + selfish buff): First cast: Djav floats in the air, channeling for up to 4 seconds. A marker appears above Djav. Allies may click the marker while within 450 yards to travel with Djav, and increase Truth decends range. Any damage taken will cancel Truth decend.
Second cast: Djav and all allies that clicked the marker decends into the air, and then arrives at the target location after 1.5 seconds. Upon arriving, Djav gains 20/25/30% movement speed, and 15/20/25% increased damage for 4 seconds.

Cast time: Instant, channels for up to 4 seconds.
Mana cost: 100
Cooldown: 170/140/110 seconds.
Range: 2000/2250/2500 + 350 per ally.
Visuals: First cast: Djav puts his hands together, he begins to float in the air, and his eye starts glowing. Allies which click the marker become infused by white light.
Second cast: Djav and his allies spin upwards and then disappear, arriving at thier location. While buffed, Djavs eye glows.

Djavs ultimate is a powerful engagement and trading tool. The fact that he can carry allies with him to allows for great plays and ganks. Although this ultimate does jot combo directly into his other abilities, he has enough tools and damage to deal with fights without an infight ultimate. Because of Djavs power to carry allies with him, Truth decend has a long cooldown, and deals no damage, however it does grant Djav a short damage and movement speed buff to reward him for landing near enemies.

Selection: Truth always shines brightest.

Movement: Follow a true path.
A legacy flows through all.
I follow a righteous path.
Mind and body.
There's a moral in everything.
Break free from your chains.
Do not defy your road.
Truth will light up the shadows.
I know not of enemies.
Truth perseveres.
I seek the truth.
Move along.
Forget the past. Walk a path.

Attacking: What has this come to?
You have earned my wrath.
Truth, will persevere.
Die a lie.
You speak false.
Be erased.
You shall be punished!
My hands are iron.
As it should be.

Djav playstyle: Djav is a lategame fighter who weaves his fists atenemies, gaining more damage as the fights go on. His ult allows him to carry his team across long distances. Djavs playstyle varies as he gains stacks of True path, gaining more damage, mobility, and options.

Following a truepath: Djav gains power as the game progresses, upgrading his abilities.
Under 30 stacks: At this point Djav is quite weak. He trades bad with most enemies, but can still win extended fights with his E and passive, if he plays well.

30 stacks: Djav picks up alot of power. His Q and E amplifications gives Djav damage and mobility, allowing Djav to win trades a lot better, especially if they drag on. The W buff promotes using Veratis assault while spinning.

90: Not so much power, but alot of utility. Q giving vision for 6 seconds allows Djav to combo his ult easily on enemies that slip away. The E amplification allows Djav to apply Truth faster, and his W rewards Djav for blocking abilities.

170 stacks: Djav once again gains a big chunk of power. His Q becomes extremely strong, and combined with all the other amplifications, Djav will strike out alot of Q's. The W buff allows Djav more mobility. The E buff simply makes Djav scale beyond 170 stacks.

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