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Lower Priority Queue Problem

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Hello.As you can see my name is MarioPsycho.. near the start of the last seaosn, i started having problems with the game.It would start and then i would get a ''Maestro error'' but that wasn't the problem.Whatever. I would recconnect 2-3-4 mins after the game had started, win the game,but i was banned for leaving the game.. although i never.. left.. so yea. I got banned and banned but i allways tought it would fix itself.. i tryed repairng, instaling 3x again and again. Nope. Now again. It just goes either Maestro eror, or just black screen, when i try to recconect without restarting the computer it just stays the same.When i do restart and i join in 5 or 6th minute. We win the game.- You left a game, you are evil, and today was the last day i standed it.I don't think the foult is in me because other friends have the same problem.I would like you to remove the lower priority queue games that i have to play.

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if you ahve problems, fix them.
If you can't fix them, don't play.
Ask for help in the help&support forum or ask the support.
Also, test your connection/gear/whatever in custom games, Leaverbuster isn't active there.