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Introduction of a Rivalry System

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Disclaimer: English is not my native language.
Hey everybody,
I have this Idea that Riot could maybe implement into the game: A kind of Rivalry System for 3vs3 and 5vs5 ranks. It could maybe work like following:
-You can only start a Rivalry with a Team that is in the same elo as your team is (silver vs silver, plat vs plat, and so on)
-Both Team must accept the Rivalry request
-Limitation of ongoing Rivalries for each Team
-Benefits from Rivalry: if you happen to be matched vs your Rival you gain more LP if you win/loose more LP if you are defeated (+personal satisfaction XD)
-Criterias must be met first so that a Team can qualify themselves to be your rival like for example you already played against them a couple of times( but then again I dont know how likely this can happen with the matchmaking System) or maybe you by accepting a rival request...
-The possibillity to be matched vs your rival team is increased but after a game against them, this chance is reseted and you must play a number of games vs other non-rival Teams before the chance to be matched against a Rival is again increased by x%.

I think this would add a little bit of extra competetivness and slight "rpg"-elements into the game.
You could also start a Rivalry with the Team of your friends.
What do you think of this Idea ?