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So they remove DFG from this game!

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Took some time to realise that item was wrong on every level (I'll just go ahead and say that DFG was supposed to melt tanks but it ended up making squishies non existant to AP assassins). I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much happy about this. I just hope they don't **** it up with the compensations for champs that couldn't do anything anymore 'cause they got nerfed down to hell so now they are get DFG or get DFG.

In the post i readed they talk about Ahri (One of those who suffered most from the DFG issue where nerfs forced her to get it everytime) and Veigar. I'm kind of sure if they buff those, they'll be FOTM and nerfed riiiiiight back.

EDIT: Wroooooong section, woops.

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Low elos are too strong *Facepalm*