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Fan Fact-ion. My league story

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Indyjanna Jones

Senior Member


Last year in the S4 pre-season I was a newbie to the game and I was toxic! I flamed,trolled and AFKed, I was a internet warrior, armed with a keyboard and a bad EGO trip, I didn't even notice I was a toxic player! After getting a few temp bans (How I never got a perm ban I will never know.)

I had month away from league, I stayed watching forums and started to read the post people was making about toxic players, This hit me hard, All this time I had been a player that people have posted about, I had made REAL people upset from my "game play style" I felt sick.

Mid way last year I made myself clean up my act, I was enjoying playing and I could and still can laugh when things when't and do go wrong, So anyway I wanted to go from my toxic waste pool and be a positive player, I had running bets with friends on who could get most teamwork/friendly/helpful votes! It's a game within a game for the people I play with!

Anyway I have just gained my green "Team-player" ribbon with 464 votes!

I have had a positive effect on 464 other people and made the game a little better for them! That not including 120 Friendly and 50 helpful votes too and 175 honorable, I don't know how many game's I've played but its maybe around 1500 total, so take off 500 games when I was toxic, I get a vote in game about 75% of the time, That to me makes me feel happy, yeah I lose games, in fact I lose more than I win but I'm having fun with it and I'm making another player have a good time directly 15% of the time.

It's easy to be toxic, It's hard to stay positive when the other team is 5 turrets towards your base but this is the challenge, Play nice with other's and they will try harder, Be toxic and people make mistakes or worse they are toxic back and throw the game to piss you off.

This year my plan is to raise my MRR, build my core skills, maybe start looking at ranked high silver or low gold and to remain a nice player.

So yeah, This was my story.