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"Before the rift" book/youtube uppdate thread

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So now i had some time to write and get some grindy stuff done, I am currently working on making a intro for the videoes im gonna uppload, i think it should be done by wendsday but its not set in stone since i know that the quality of the videoes will improve in time i want the intro to be of a high standard as well so it dossnt fall off later.

In order to promote both the book and the videoes i am going to use this thread (among other threads on minecraft forums as well) to share pages of the book, certian situations or dialogs that fit well with the citys or places that im working on at the time

this is not gonna be that frekvent for several reasons, one thing is that i am writing in swedish and i am going to be posting it in english, so the translation takes time
also i want to be sure that what i am posting from the book is unchangable, as in i made up my mind that that certain thing is gonna stay in the book.

This thread will also be usefull in a way were i can get feedback on different ideas that i might have from people that dossnt want to watch the videoes untill they have a higher standard of quality.

The channel issnt getting any hits and its problably not gonna be something big in the end, but im not realy doing this for the masses, in the end im doing this for my daughter and i want to make it entertaining for her. so any comment on the popularity is kinda unnessesary but also welcome if you feel the need to mention size.. most men need that :P

anyway, thats all for now, im gonna try to have my first sample of the book up by friday along with the latest video.

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sounds great

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Episode 4 is now up.
As i posted in a previus thread, this series on youtube is about me building citys that are in my book "before the rift" witch i am writing for my daughter.
The book is about 2 people on a adventure, meeting many of the league of legends champions and you find out who they were before the rift.

On friday (if there are no delays) i am plannig on posting content from my book about a situation that is happening in the place im building of have built. i will also be reading this in the next episode and show the acctual location.


feedback or ideas are welcome

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Episode 5 is upploaded now were im reading from the book - here http://youtu.be/f4Qz_ROgBKg

im also going to post the pages here for you to read, but do note that im translating from swedish to english, so i may have some spelling errors in it.

I am cutting off some stuff, ive shortend the lore a lot for this text, mostly because im not done with it. and some places it might get akward because i dont want the sidetrack story to be in this.

but ok, here we go. hope you enjoy


In the little isle kingdom "Helmstadt" there is a festival when the first week of spring hits its harbors in honor of the ancient and mythical god "Ungutra-Raki-Frindo", or as the locals call it "URF".
URF was the first magical creature in the world and had vast,untold powers and was the base in witch all creatures were enlightend.
In the sacred scrolls-scatterd throughout the realms you could find hints about the family tree that decends from the mythical creature.
URF´s brother "Rakesh-Ignorantes-Omberum-Tahli" (or in the common tounge, RIOT) The careless, who had the power to create the most elaborate contraptions, often did it in a negligent manner so that he, more often then not had to constantly repair his creations.
To solve this he built his greatest inventions that would always try to repair things for him. "Buff"
and "Nerf"

Gothrian from the town of Lejrom, was decendent from the family that were in charge of the lighthouse. As missantropical debater with a razor sharp tounge he often got himself into bad situations were the muscles in the brain stopt and the ones in the arms started.
Considerd as lazy and carefree, mostly because it was true, partly because he followd his impulses- he always seemed to get the jobs that were given to him done- one way or another.
Tall and rather skinny for a man of Lejrom he was unexpectently agile and forcefull when push came to shove.
His short,brown hair had a white trail that drew away attention from his slightly scarred nose and his wild bluestained green eyes glimmerd with confidence and a kindness that his mouth seldom showed.

Gothrian could almost always be found around the lighthouse, reading a book he problably had stolen from the library in "Novum"
This "borrowing of books" would had cost him his hands if it were not for Rin, in fact, the first time they met was after Gothrian had been caught, ironically when he was returning one of the books he had read.
As the guards were carrying him downstairs Rin was just getting suplies to top off the store from the storage area.

"Let me go you poor excuses of lesser beings!" she heard him say as their eyes met

Gothrian acted imidatly - IT WAS THAT *****! she set me up! she wanted me to bring her a book from the library, she told me i would get 3 gold for it! i had NO IDEA that it was forbidden!!
(the word in swedish for ***** is not as loaded as the english term, but i could not find a better word)

Rin was amused and amazed how he totaly ignored all manner of respect and etticet even in a time as dire as this, she just could not help but to play along.

- My good sir´s, i must confess, its true! I was just so bored and i forgot my own books back home on "Frind" and i just...i just. she said whilst here eyes were tearing up, talking very shaky.

- i just wanted something to do while i was waiting for my father and im so lonely and i miss him so mutch!!. she continued talking faster and faster, tears running down here face.

- Oh wont you please forgive me? i cannot bare the thought that this man takes the punishment that i hold responsibility for! please! i will take the punishment!. she said- now sobbing and pulled out her arms.

The guards, that were fortunatly men, did not quite follow everything she said the the alarmming rate in witch she trew those words but they could not miss the fact that she was uppset. With a upset woman comes trubble to those who do not fix the problem.

The leading guard nodded to the others, letting Gothrian off the chain. Musterd up the strongest, most athoric voice he could muster.
-This is a one time event, if i catch you OR him again then i shall have you both punished!
- Of course. Rin anwserd, whiping tears from her chin.

Gothrian, finding the situation ridiculus that a few tears from a highborn woman would get them off the hook. found a opportunity.

-WHAT! are you letting her off the hook just like that? what about MY justice? i demand......

A few hours later Gothrian wakes up on the shops floor. Rin stands at the counter that is next to him
- You made such a ruckus that the guards had to knock you out, i said that i was to make sure that we both got away there discretly. Rin said with a gloating voice, knowing that he now was in debt to him for saving him.
Gothrian looks at her, smiling cunningly.
-issnt it hard breathing in such tight clothing? I mean, i cant complain on the view from were i am, but still. he quickly replied
-Perfectly fine untill i had to drag in a foul smelling thief into my fine establishment, and as for my view- i cant realy say the same. she said calmly looking mockingly down on him.
- You cant steal knowledge, only share it. And you look like someone that has not been on the receiving end on it for a long time.
The banter between continiued but not ones did Gothrian thank her. Since then they became close friends. Much to the dismay of the people around them